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2023 sees Ruth Wood celebrating 30 years as a teacher and performer. With the support of her academic dept at university, Ruth began classes as well as performing in cultural and educational events at museum open days and city centre festivals across Durham. Ruth read Arabic and Middle East studies at University and was keen to share her knowledge with her students, helping to place the dance within its cultural and historical setting. As well as teaching regular raqs sharqii, she also taught and deomstrated more traditional styles inclusing zar, saiidii, gawazhee and fellahin. Ruth was one of the founder members of 'The Northern Arabic Dance Association and had two spells of being the editor of the association's magazine. After realising that many of her students were unable to visit Egypt, Ruth began the ' Magical Night of Egypian dance' events, bringing the magic of the Cairo nightlife,which often were the culmination of a day or weekend of workshops with visiting Master teachers and dancers bringing a flavour of Egypt to the North East. Guest teachers included Morocco of New York, Vashti and was the first person to bring this weekend's star performer, Khaled Mahmoud to the North East of England. After a few years break due to various health issues, Ruth is returning to teaching to help less abled dancers to continue or return to our beloved dance. Oona la Luna was one of Ruth's original students and over the years, Oona has joined Ruth as the other half of Gawazee al elb ( Gypsies of the heart) at many of those cultural and festival events. Together with Oona la luna, she is looking forward to welcoming you to their workshop this weekend at Celebrating Dance.



Dancing to Live Music

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