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Yalia is an oriental dance artist based in Vienna-Austria. Her heart belongs to the Egyptian style of oriental dance and music.


Her dance style could be described as cheeky, feminine, earthy and humorous. After taking dance classes for several different dance styles.


Yalia took her first lessons in oriental dance at the age of 14. Soon she began to travel through Europe to take lessons from Egyptian and European teachers, who of course also brought her to Egypt.


The Nilegroup Festival in Cairo and SBDF Sweden were a huge part of her journey to become a professional dancer and gain a deeper understanding of Egyptian culture. Since 2003 she has been traveling as a teacher, choreographer and performer for oriental dance to countries such as Egypt, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, France, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland.


Yalia is a teacher and performer at the Nilegroup Festival in Cairo and the SBD Festival in Stockholm. Bodypositivity in dance is a very important topic for Yalia - giving dancers of all body types a platform and support especially bigger-body dancers in their journey takes a big part in her dance life.


  • Sat 12 noon: Drum solo

  • Sat 2.30pm: Shaabi

  • Sun 9.30am: Baladi 

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