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Co-Host Zara Dance is an Egyptian dancer based in Cairo. She has worked professionally as a dancer for over 17 years, the past 6 years in Egypt . 

Zara has stared in various music videos and bollywood films. Most recently, in Egypt, she starred in a Film along side famous shabbi singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim and in a Ramadan special TV drama featuring Dina and Haifa Web. 

Her dancing has taken her around the world - Zara has performed not only in the UK and Egypt but also vast amounts of East Africa including: Kenya (in both Nairobi and Mobassa) and Tanzania (in both Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar). Other countries she has worked in include Pakistan and Malta.

Come and learn from this much loved dancer, and giving teacher.



  • Make Up Like a Queen

  • Mahragnhat 

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